F is for Faith

What is Faith? Faith is the personal and active expression of what we believe is true, it is trust and hope in the physical and/or the invisible based upon reason and knowledge. Our faith experience begins at birth. We bond with our parents, mother first and then our father. Being so dependent and having little … Continue reading F is for Faith

We All Have A Gift!

We all have a gift. This gift is from God. Those who have opened it are called Christians. Perhaps one reason some people are so offended about the greeting “Merry Christmas”, is because it is a reminder of the gift they have left unopened. There it is under the nicely decorated evergreen tree forgotten and … Continue reading We All Have A Gift!

E is For Evil

Philosophically speaking one may find volumes on the reality of evil. Evil in the broad sense is considered either natural evil or moral evil. A natural evil would be something outside of our influence, the consequential injuries or death resulting from a natural event or disaster such as an earthquake or erupting volcano, or a … Continue reading E is For Evil

D is For Determinism

Determinism is the idea that events unfold in a predetermined systematic consequential way that is beyond our control. Some call it fate or destiny, others karma and some God’s will. The CARM ministry web site defines Determinism as "the philosophical view that every event in the universe is caused and controlled by natural laws. This … Continue reading D is For Determinism

C is for Cosmological Argument

The Cosmological Argument is presented as an argument proving the existence of God. It is for this reason that debates rage about the logical conclusion that is reached in this argument. It is a look at the universe and its existence and formation and ultimate design. The argument basically supposes existence is related to a … Continue reading C is for Cosmological Argument

B is for Bible

The Bible is the most popular and influential book ever written. Guinness World Records estimates there are over 5 billion Bibles in the world today. Billions of individuals have been transformed by its message. Communities and nations have been built upon its foundational precepts. The history of the worlds cultures, social communities, nations and government … Continue reading B is for Bible

“A” is for Absolute

The word "absolute" is used in many areas of life. In a brief Google search you will find “absolute adjectives” and “absolute phrases” in English and grammar. In mathematics you will find “absolute values and equations”. In an Excel worksheet you may find “absolute values” in formatting cells. An absolute in the apologetic or philosophical … Continue reading “A” is for Absolute

Apologetics A-Z

As a youngster I enjoyed reading ABC books. As an elder it is now a joy to read them to my grandchildren. I find that using the alphabetical prompt is also a great writing exercise. Thus in this New Year I will endeavor to define and summarize the major concepts and principles of Christian Apologetics. … Continue reading Apologetics A-Z

Christmas and the Apologetic Reflection

As I complete a course in Apologetics, I am reflecting on the points of criticism I’ve had to examine concerning the gospel. I‘ve come to realize that my study is not complete and that there is much more to learn. I am not fully equipped to engage in any advanced form of intellectual argument for … Continue reading Christmas and the Apologetic Reflection

If The Resurrection of Christ is True, Then God Exist

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most controversial arguments for the existence of God. It appears that the strategic and passionate attempts to refute Jesus and His resurrection at Christmas and Easter is due to the eternal consequences of our response to the premise, “If the resurrection of Christ is true, then … Continue reading If The Resurrection of Christ is True, Then God Exist