There is that stretch of time between Christmas and New Year’s when I often become contemplative. Looking back and looking forward I summarize the year’s events and set goals for the year to come. This year on Sunday between the two holidays my spirit was awakened by a sunrise display unlike any I had witnessed before. I was encouraged in a most powerful way by this event. First, I must explain my frame of mind and the circumstance in which this event occurred.

In the weeks prior to Christmas, I had been focused on adding to my portfolio of photographic art. I had been pursuing sunrises in particular. After sorting and editing many shots I settled on uploading a few of the best to my website. The necessary day job had been pressing my time and energy and my morning commute had become an hour of yearning to being elsewhere and doing anything other than my responsible self would allow. The commute took me from east to west across a beautiful stretch of valley in Southern New Hampshire. On some mornings I could see pink and orange pastel colors across the sky. The traffic was light this morning and I had the road to myself.

With praise and worship music playing in the background I was praying for direction, guidance, and affirmation. I found myself peculiarly sensitive and emotional and caught in a suspension of physical and spiritual reality. The light of the rising sun appeared in my rear-view mirror above the dash. I looked up and marveled at the fact that due to the approaching winter weather and the road mist on my rear window I could look into the sun. As it rose above the horizon I noticed it appeared in my side mirrors as well. My heart swelled and tears came to my eyes as I gazed momentarily into a unique solar display. Perfectly centered in my three mirrors was a glowing type of trinity. I felt an overwhelming peace and comfort and realized the triune God had made His presence known to me.

Here in my rear-view mirrors was the symbolic presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I engaged an appeal to logic by reasoning that the whole event was a matter of timing and circumstance. However, my heart informed my mind that the timing and circumstance of this event were in direct correlation to my spiritual need. I was in dire need of encouragement and affirmation that only God could provide. In those few moments of a powerful display of grace, I recommitted my life to drawing closer to my Father, serving my Lord Jesus and embracing the Holy Spirit as my guide and source of strength.

His mighty, loving and unmerited grace rose up within me as the sun appeared that morning in a marvelous display of the triune reality of God. The year ahead is in His hands!

Ephesians 1:17

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him.

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