Fear vs Truth

Like many of you, I am asking myself, “what is really happening in the world today?” The question is being asked with faith that truthful answers are available. Reasonable and rational people are searching for truth. As Christians, we know that the word of God is truth. However, discerning the truth in current world events is quite a task. Fake news abounds, predominantly from the left, and often as well from the right.

There are many who feel that both political parties are playing a part in a larger agenda directing the unsuspecting masses towards a global one world government. Freedom loving American patriots and Christians share a common abhorrence to such an idea. They rightly reject any move by our elected leaders and institutions to that end. The fear of an overreaching government is greater than a real or contrived viral pandemic.

Here lies our challenge. To first discern the truth and then to balance our individual freedoms with the loving concern we have for our families and each other.

Currently, we are willingly forsaking some of our freedoms for the benefit of others. But our compassion, whether guided by truth or manipulative means, may become our undoing if we do not soon restore the understanding of what has made our country the beacon of freedom for the world.

We must not allow laws to become established that go beyond what is needed to secure the safety of our brothers and sisters. Temporary restraints on civil liberties enforced by elected and un-elected officials must be retracted sooner than later. There are many public servants who have recently shown themselves to be public tyrants.

What is the recourse for those who find themselves under the thumb of a public tyrant? In this country our first and best means is at the ballot box. Let us then resolve to continually pray for discernment so we will know the truth. Then, let us act upon what we know to be true and vote in the next election.

American patriots are awakening and we know our enemies by their fruit. Let us take action to secure the integrity of our electoral process and remove the tyrant and install the patriot!

2 Timothy 1:7God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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